Who Are We?

Our company, which works with many corporate brands, wants to work with you on the basis of P.O.P stands and brand positioning, promotional products that aim to increase sales. Our company, which has been serving in the field of advertising under the line with its core staff since the year 1995, has been serving in the field of advertising below the line with its core staff for the last ten years as well as its works for the design and production of stand under the name of OROR. is located on the field. 7ORANGE has provided solutions to many big brands in the industry. This approach under the name of 'Industrial Design for Marketing Communication', which you will encounter for the first time in the literature, means that the marketing, communication and design departments, each of which is a separate branch, combine the accumulation of engineering and industrial products. Although we have many alternative works in the field of design, we cannot exhibit many of our products in the web environment in line with the principles of confidentiality we work with.A broad introduction on the subject and to discuss what we can do together.
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